You would have some experience in typing and creating documents containing text and images. You might have used these documents for various purposes. It could be for academic purposes when you are a student or it could be for professional purposes in your workspace. On both these occasions, you would have to save the data in any format. PDF is such a type of file format that could help you save the data in a non-editable way. It means that you could not make some changes to the document at ease. You would have to go through some actions if you need to make any alterations to these files. So, it has become a disadvantage at times. As the majority of the files in current usage are saved in this format, one could not keep all the files unaltered for a long time. There would be some cases where you should add something or change something from the existing file. In this case, you could get the help of pdf converters that could edit pdf by converting them into an editable format. Some pdf editors will do the job without this conversion also. You can find several types of pdf converters and editors out there as the number of pdfs in use is ever-increasing. In this article, let us discuss the concept in brief.

Types of pdf converters

Depending on the pricing and features, the pdf converters could be classified as follows,

Low-end converters or free converters – You could find these pdf editors and converters online. A simple Google search will get you a list of these tools that could help you make the desired edits on your pdf files. However, you could not use these tools to a greater extent as there will be a limitation of features in them. For instance, you could convert a pdf file into a word file but could not convert several files at once. Else, you would face issues with the quality of the outputs from these tools. Either there would be an overlap of content or there would be some missing content in the output file. Likewise, there will be some limitations for the free online converters. If you could tolerate these issues, you can use these tools for free. However, people who require pdf editors for a short time would go for these free tools.

High-end or paid pdf converters– As the name suggests, these tools are paid versions of the pdf converters. You would have to pay a subscription fee or a one-time fee to get access to these casinos. Once you pay this fee, you would be able to convert pdf files into anything you want. The highlight of these converters would be the high-end features that you could not find in ordinary free tools. For instance, you can find OCR technology that would convert every bit of your parental content into output. Similarly, you can convert tons of documents at once using the batch conversion option.

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