Gambling, now seen as a harmless form of entertainment for adults, was once viewed as a sin. Gambling was usually played physically but now it has reached the global online platform. Gambling includes buying lottery tickets or playing poker. Online gambling has become the fastest growing online platform and has a become a mainstream in today’s society.

Why has gambling become so much famous among youth?

Long back, there were rules that regulated this platform. Gambling on the internet was considered illegal and had strict rules against it.

According to a survey conducted, youth in the age group of 18-22 years gamble once a week on the internet and about 1.7 million gambles once every month. It was also noticed that females tend to gamble less than males. 

Ill effects of online gambling-

As long as gambling is taken just as a pastime, it means no harm. But when this gambling becomes an unhealthy addiction and involves money, it can ruin lives.

These days, betting real money on internet by young adults and children has become a serious issue and a matter of concern for many parents. For many people, gambling becomes the only exciting things in their life and they miss out on activities like social gatherings and school. This makes people lie to their friends and family about gambling when they express concern about gambling.

Gambling requires money. A lot of money. And when people involved in it can’t make enough money, they start borrowing money which puts them in debt. This increasing debt can cause many other problems like lying, depression and anxiety. They then start to sell their personal belongings and also get involved in theft and many other nefarious crimes.

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