A factory or warehouse roof is every bit as important as the equipment inside and just like a residential structure, a commercial building needs to be maintained and one aspect of that is roof inspection. What exactly does an industrial roof inspection entail?

When you call in a company that provides industrial roofing services in Perth with regards to a roof inspection, it would include the following.

  • Guttering & downpipes – These essential rainwater escape channels need to be regularly cleaned out; wet leaves and small branches can quickly cause a blockage and you don’t want rainwater running down the exterior walls. All brackets and sections are checked, with minor repairs carried out as a matter of course; most contractors use a jet water cleaner to clean out factory and warehouse guttering.
  • Fixings inspection – The aluminium sheets are held down by special fasteners, with small rubber washers and each one is visually checked.
  • Ventilation – Most commercial roofs have air intakes with revolving sections and these need to be checked to see they are working correctly and any debris removed. Large ventilation fans would be stripped down and cleaned, while filters would be replaced; the air quality relies upon good airflow, which these extractors provide.
  • Leak prevention – Of course, every roof is at risk of developing leaks and during the inspection, all seals would be closely examined. Silicone sealant is used to repair any leaks and the roof inspection team would always carry silicone tubes and guns.
  • Storm damage – Gale force winds pick up debris and this can cause serious damage to any roof and should a section of aluminium become detached, it could cause several sheets to be dislodged, or even removed completely.

How often should I inspect my factory roof?

The commercial roofing contractor would recommend an annual roof inspection, while some business owners prefer to have two per year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. If you have yet to schedule a commercial roof inspection, Google is your best friend and can help you locate a Perth-based industrial roofing specialist and they would be happy to schedule a detailed roof inspection at your convenience.

Detailed written report

When you commission a roof inspection, the contractor issues you with a detailed written report that covers every aspect of the roof, including structural integrity and normal wear and tear. They would list all repairs carried out and there might be additional charges for replacement components, which would all be listed in the report.

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