You can use traditional horse betting wagers at ambbet. It is at times referred to as straight bets. Apart from being the most popular, they are very straightforward. What makes a bit complicated is that, they tend to vary from one region to the next.

In the USA plus some other regions across the world, the straight bets are:

  • Across the board
  • Win
  • Show
  • Place

In most of the other regions in the world, the straight bets are:

  • Each way
  • Place
  • Win

You will notice that the lace bet and the win bet are on both lists. It means that the win bet is the same throughout the world. While with the place bet, it tends to work differently depending on which part of the world you are in.

How the win bet works in horse racing

It does not require a lot of explanation, as it is a straightforward bet. All you will need to do is to pick a horse that you feel is going to win the horse race. If the horse wins, you get a payout, but you will lose your stake in case the selection doesn’t win.

The successful win bet payout is not all calculated uniformly because different people use different places or bookmakers to place their bet. The payouts are typically calculated using either pari-mutuel or fixed odds system.

With the fixed odds, you get what the payout will be in case the wager wins. The odds are fixed at the time you are wagering and then multiplied with your stake to determine what you win. With the pari-mutuel, it becomes a little complicated.

It is a type of pool betting where the money that is staked is collected in one pool and then at the end of the race, is shared amongst those who win.  In regions such as the UK, payouts at times are calculated based on the initial price or the starting price. It is a term that refers to the horse odds at the time when the race is starting.

Place a bet in the US horse racing

In the US, the place bet is placed on a horse that will finish in the top two positions. You will get a payout if your selection is either one or two and lose the stake if it ends in the third or any other position. Its payouts are lower as compared to the win bet, but chances of winning are higher.

Show bet in the US horse racing

It is similar to the place bet, but at least the top three are covered. The payouts are lower than that of a place bet because the winning chances are more significant.

Place bet across the world

In most countries across the world, the wager of a place bet has to pick a horse that will finish somewhere in the places. The type of race will determine the number of positions. The number of runners is also a determining factor on the numbers of winners to be picked.

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