As a parent, you probably remember the times when you were growing up and the issues that you had with bullies taking your dinner money and generally pushing your around and making your time at school something that you would prefer to forget. Many psychologists have looked into why it is that bullies do what they do and even though it may be interesting to understand why it happens, it doesn’t make life any easier for your kids if they have to go through this as well. Schools do all that they can to stamp out bullying but you as a parent need to be doing something as well.

None of us want our children to be affected by bullying because not only does it affect them physically but emotionally as well. The responsible thing to do would be to teach your child how to defend themselves so in the event that they find themselves in a difficult situation then they can easily negotiate their way out of it. This is why many parents are looking into BBJ in reading because they know and understand the benefits of learning Brazilian jujitsu as a means of defense and attack.

If you are somewhat reluctant to get your child involved in a physical activity like this then maybe the following benefits of doing so can help you to make the right kind of parental decision.

  • Improve confidence levels – If you have a confident child then they will be much better when it comes to their studies and they will be able to make friends more easily as well. It is important for them to know that they can defend themselves if they need to and you should always be encouraging them not to use their abilities to bully other kids. Sometimes the fact that your child is attending Brazilian jujitsu classes is enough to deter any school ground bully.
  • Improved mental health – These are very difficult times in which your child is to live in because of the many peer group pressures that our trust upon them online and in daily life. The fact that you child doesn’t have to be concerned about bullies in the playground helps them to stay stronger mentally and this will have a domino effect in their day-to-day school life and in their general day-to-day life as well.

It’s up to you to take the first steps to provide your child with the tools of life that they need to get along in this world and a great start would be to send them to their first Brazilian jujitsu class.

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