Your dental health is important all year, but for people like New Jersey residents, the excitement of summer, with its beaches, boardwalk delicacies, and BBQs, makes it easy to forget your teeth. So, usually, they consult a family dentist in Bloomfield, NJ, and you can do the same with your local dentist.

Till then, Here are some strategies to keep your mouth clean and fresh this summer. 

  1. See your dentist before leaving on vacation.

The last thing you want on your trip is a dental emergency. As a result, it is preferable to schedule a dental appointment before your vacation.

Whether you are heading for a quiet beach vacation or an exciting excursion to an adventurous place, unanticipated dental difficulties might derail your best-laid plans. You may believe your teeth are OK, but it is hard to say for sure without visiting your dentist.

Most dental disorders do not produce discomfort in their early stages. You may not be aware if your teeth have cavities, chips, or cracks. During a vacation, seemingly trivial issues might suddenly escalate into major problems. Oral discomfort may easily ruin an otherwise enjoyable vacation.

Schedule a checkup before departing for your trip to avoid the possibility of an unplanned dental appointment in a foreign place. Your dentist will examine for any problems and provide appropriate restorative care. 

  1. Keep up with your oral hygiene regimen.

Brushing twice and flossing once a day is the most effective way to keep your teeth strong and healthy. As the weather heats up, more people consume sweet foods and drinks, making good oral hygiene even more important throughout the summer. If you have not updated your toothbrush in a while, get a new soft-bristled brush. You should also choose toothpaste with fluoride, which can help preserve your teeth. 

  1. Stay hydrated. 

It can be difficult to keep hydrated in hot weather, so drinking enough water is crucial for both oral hygiene and general wellness. When you are dehydrated, your mouth produces less saliva than usual. Saliva removes germs and food particles, reducing plaque accumulation and keeping your teeth and tongue clean. 

Choose water over carbonated or sugary beverages. Carbonation erodes the enamel of your teeth, leaving them vulnerable to tooth decay and germs fed by sugary beverages. You may also consume tap water with fluoride to help improve and preserve your teeth.

  1. Use a straw. 

If you love a sweet drink now and again, try drinking it via a straw. Drinking using a straw reduces the sweet beverage’s contact with your teeth. 

  1. Do not forget your lips. 

Most people understand the need to use sunscreen in the summer, but you should also protect your lips from UV damage. Your lips have less melanin than the rest of your skin, making them more prone to harm. You may purchase lip balm with SPF to keep your lips hydrated and protected from the sun’s damaging UV radiation. 

For more tips and information on oral health, visit your dentist today! 

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