Consumer surveys show that people today want to see more recent reviews and higher ratings overall before they buy a product or service. They depend heavily on and trust reviews; however, are also becoming more wary about fake reviews. That is why every business must have a set process for managing online reviews to maintain a solid online presence.

Here are some ways to make this happen:

Generate New Reviews

Some surveys reveal that a significant number of consumers don’t pay attention to reviews that re more than three months old. This means that having a regular stream of reviews will help your business maintain its credibility with possible customers who are looking for your business.

Although review platforms enable review solicitation, Google encourages businesses to ask their customers for reviews. Following up with customers and asking them to review you will lead to an influx of reviews. Any reputable provider of digital marketing services in singapore will agree to this.

Respond to Customers in a Timely Way

You need to reviews regularly to show your customers you care about their experience. The quickness of your response and the tone of your response leave an impression on new customers who are checking out your reviews online. When you get a negative review from a customer, responding to it promptly can help in easing the customer and turn their experience around. When responding to reviews, always maintain a positive tone. Be apologetic to customers who leave a negative review even if they have inaccurate reasoning or your team was not at fault. Moreover, taking that apology is one thing but letting your customers know how you will fix the problem is another.

Make your Business Reachable Offline

As you handle a negative review, consider giving the customer your contact information to email or calo you directly to help solve their issue. This allows you to deal with any grievances offline and provides you with a chance to get on the phone or resolve the issue with the customer in question. After resolving the problem, ask the customer to update their review with their new experience.

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