Many of us might ask ourselves or our friends, what is Digital Marketing Jobs pay scale in Singapore? Singapore is a country that is ahead of its time in terms of current trends and technology. If you are looking for a place where your skills and creativity in digital marketing would be appreciated then Singapore is the answer. Digital Marketing has scope for an interesting career, depending on its outreach to a particular audience.

However digital marketing doesn’t only mean organizing a social media page and handling and managing likes. It is a more detailed term that changes the look of the brand. If you know the various roles and responsibilities that include in a profile of a digital marketing job, you can apply it to some reputed companies.

You could get an average of S$7100 as a digital marketing manager in any of the top web development companies in Singapore.

The pay scale may vary depending on the policies of different companies and your qualifications. For starting as a content writer, you can expect $45000 annually. For every senior role, the pay scale is bound to increase. Also, you can demand a pay scale as per your experience and work profile.

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