When planning an office refurbishment, you will need to employ various specialist tradespeople to complete the job and ensure it is done to a high standard. Multiple skills are required in office refurbishment, and although hiring specialists is more expensive, they will do a much better job than general contractors on your office refurbishment. You need to have clear and precise plans, know what you want to do in your office and have a decent budget to pay for the work. Below are some specialists you need to hire to help you refurbish your office space and ensure it is done to the highest standards.


You must ensure that you use someone registered and qualified when working on the electrics of your office, or it could make an unsafe workspace. You can click here to get some advice to help you hire a suitable and qualified electrician that can help ensure your workplace is safe and ideal for your business.


If you will be changing the plumbing in your office and moving sinks, toilets, or anything else, you will also need to hire a qualified plumber. An experienced and skilled plumber can help ensure there are no leaks in your pipes and that they are installed correctly. You can click here to see how to check for plumbers who are on the Approved Contractor Scheme and ensure they are qualified for the job.

Heating Engineers

Depending on your office’s heating and ventilation system, you may also require a qualified heating engineer. A qualified HVAC engineer is needed when you are using air conditioning systems, and you also find that any heating engineers are qualified plumbers, and you can kill two birds with one stone when hiring one.

General Contractors

Depending on the work you will do in your office refurbishment, you may also require a general contractor to do a lot of the work on your project. They can do various tasks, including taking down and erecting walls, installing units such as kitchen cabinets, installing plasterboard and insulation, and adding the finishing touches such as skirting boards. Ensure you research companies thoroughly before hiring them and ensure they do quality work at a competitive price, helping you avoid cowboy builders.

Ceiling Specialists

When looking for companies to erect a suspended ceiling and install ceiling tiles, UK businesses have many options from which they can choose. There are specialist companies throughout the UK that can install your suspended ceiling, and you must ensure you use the best materials for the job to help your office ceiling perform as expected.

Painters & Decorators

When the construction work is complete, you will need to add the finishing touches, which include painting and decorating. There are many experienced painting and decorating firms you can use which can help you add the touches that will complete your office space. Ensure you use a suitable colour scheme in your office; it can help create a warm and inviting space and also help significantly boost the productivity of your workforce.

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