BBQs 2U salespeople always come across potential clients asking for grills or griddles that can accommodate their small homes.

The showroom is in Abersoch, where they always show real-time demonstrations of the branded grills and ovens in their inventory. Customers get an idea of the kind of barbeque or griddle they need to finalize.

BBQs 2U is an authorized dealer of Blackstone Griddles, which are available in various models. You can choose one suitable to your space and cooking preferences.

With diverse options, the Blackstone family has a griddle to cook a solo meal or a grand feast for a crowd. For your small family, choose the Blackstone 22” mid-range option and enjoy grilling every other day.

The Blackstone 22” tabletop griddle is a versatile unit offering a sizzling platform to cook everything from breakfast scrambles to sizzling fajitas. However, like any great artist, your 22” griddle needs the right accessories to outshine.

Core Standard Features

Heavy-duty rolled steel griddle ensures even heat distribution and excellent heat retention for consistent cooking results.

  • Dual independently controlled H-burners: Offer precise heat control for creating distinct cooking zones, allowing you to separate, simmer, or griddle different foods simultaneously.
  • Hood: Retains heat, speeds up cooking, and keeps food warm.
  • Integrated grease management system: Channels excess grease into a removable tray for easy cleanup.
  • Adjustable-height rubber feet: Provide stability on uneven surfaces.
  • Removable front grease shield: Protects you from splatters and helps contain grease.
  • Portable Design: Perfect for balconies, patios, camping, and tailgating.

Accessories to intensify your cooking experience

Essential accessories

  • Griddle Spatula: A comprehensive, sturdy spatula for flipping food flawlessly.
  • Griddle Scraper: For removing stuck-on food particles and maintaining seasoning.
  • Heat-Resistant Tongs: Perfect for handling hot items without fear of burning.
  • Cast Iron Griddle Press: Achieve restaurant-quality sears on steaks and burgers.
  • Griddle cleaning kit: Invest in a kit with dedicated cleaning stones and spray to ensure proper care and prevent rust.

Enhance performance with

  • Griddle Plate Gripper: Lifts the hot griddle plate safely for cleaning or transportation.
  • Griddle Seasoning Spray: Maintains your griddle’s non-stick performance.
  • Griddle Utensil Set: Specialized tools for flipping, scraping, and serving griddle creations.
  • Griddle Side Shelves: Expand your workspace and organize cooking essentials.

Turn Masterchef  with

  • Griddle Pizza Stone: Transform your griddle into a pizza oven.
  • Griddle Wok Ring: Stir-fry perfection with focused heat distribution.
  • Griddle Stand: Elevate your griddle for comfortable cooking.
  • Griddle Cover: Protects your griddle from weather and dust.
  • Griddle Cart: Portable storage and workspace for all your accessories.

Remember – When you choose accessories on the BBQs 2U website, prioritize quality materials like heat-resistant stainless steel or silicone to ensure durability and safety on your hot griddle.


With the right accessories, your Blackstone 22” griddle will become more than just a cooking tool – it becomes a cooking playground. You can explore new dishes, experiment with flavours, and impress your guests with restaurant-quality meals created under the open sky.

Remember, the accessories you choose must match your cooking style and enhance your culinary journey. So, pick your instruments and escalate 22” Blackstone’s potential!

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