Asbestos has very many qualities such as being durable that make it very suitable for many applications, especially in the building and electrical industry. In the 1970s when there was still limited knowledge regarding the dangers that asbestos presents, many manufacturers in the United States, UK, Germany, France and many other countries used it heavily in many products, especially for building insulation and electrical applications. Even today, asbestos and products that are made from it are still in use in many industries, but to a very limited level.

Because many houses in modern time were built in an era when asbestos was still in common use, it is important to carry out an asbestos survey every now and then. When in need of an asbestos survey London is one of the best places to consider.

When you suspect the presence of asbestos and when buying a home

Some people think that visually identifying asbestos is enough to order a removal company. The truth is that you cannot determine whether or not asbestos is in your house or office if you do not have a professional survey team perform a thorough survey. Performing a survey is the only way to tell the quantity of the asbestos in the house if it exists. A survey will involve samples being taken off of various surfaces and being sent to a laboratory for testing and analysis. Thus, you need to perform a survey if you see or suspect that there is asbestos in your house.

Also, you need to perform a survey, when you are purchasing a house. Many home sellers and realties usually order for a survey before they put homes on the market. As a buyer, you should ask for a survey report to see what is included in it. If you are not satisfied with the report, you can go ahead and order your own survey. It is standard procedure in many countries for a survey to be done before homes are put on the market.

Before demolition

Another point that you need to perform a survey is when you need to do a demolition of a structure. The reason why a survey is needed before a structure is demolished is to ensure that in case there is asbestos, it does not get into the air and spread to affect other people around. This is very important and it falls in the public health docket. Failure to have your house or building surveyed before demolition can attract some serious penalties and possible lawsuits.

Before renovations

Renovations also lead to the production of a lot of dust and air-borne material. If these air-borne materials contain asbestos and people get exposed to it, it can cause serious health hazards to affected individuals. As such, it is standard procedure to survey for asbestos before renovation. The results of the survey will inform the method and level of diligence to be applied during the renovation. Buildings that have asbestos will cost more and take more time to renovate.

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